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Jetter Clean of Albert Lea offers drain cleaning services for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial or municipal. We can unclog all different types of lines such as main lines, sink lines, floor drains, tile lines and any other lines that might be backing up. Our Jetting Technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and can diagnose your problem in no time. Jetter Clean also offers video inspections to lines that are 2”-6” with clean out access to ensure your that pipes are clean and to find if anything is wrong with your pipes.

With our patented Jet Van we are able to use a one man crew trained to use our specialized water jet nozzles, propelling through your pipes and spraying them clean. Jetting your pipes clean is the ideal method for removing clogs and ensuring that your lines stay open for years.

Jetter Clean offers same-day, 24/7 drain cleaning services with a 30-Day Residential Guarantee for the line we open and clean (Video required for the main line guarantee).

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Jetter Clean Albert Lea

Matt has two years of experience working at Jetter Clean and he is already one of our best technicians.

He is always on time and hard-working. He is very easy to work with and does a very good job of explaining the situation with customers.

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